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  • Summer Erg-Series

    Summer Erg-Series

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    Rowing ergometer challenges
    from Jun. to Oct., 2021

Summer Erg-Series


Dear Ergo-rowers worldwide. Welcome to this new indoor rowing competition series brought to you from the Alster Ergo-Cup®-team in Hamburg! Rowers will compete on individual distances done in one stretch, but counted separately. And they will be competing against the entire online indoor rowing community. Best of all: age, gender and weight class are neutralized. This is unique and a worldwide novelty in erg-rowing.

How does it work? We will be introducing exciting new distance formats that require clever racing tactics. Starting on every first weekend of the month (Friday to Sunday) through from June to October we will present an erg-novelty for the competitors just to keep them on their toes!

Every competition-round is built on several shorter distances, which require different fitness tactics depending on length and duration. However, competitors are NOT allowed to pause or take a break in between and have to finish the event in a single attempt!

What is the Challenge?

In these new races of the Summer Erg Series it is very important to split one's strength particularly well. We will NOTevaluate your total time for the total distance. Instead, we will analyse each specific section and compare the results with the corresponding Concept2 world record in your class (age, gender, weight) and distance.

The difference between record-time and personal time is evaluated percentually for every lap and then averaged for an overall rating. For example, on a short sprint distance you have to go flat out, but for subsequent longer distances you have to have enough energy left to finish. This is of course quite a challenge and very interesting for all participants because everybody gets a fair chance. It is not the strongest competitor that wins!

Rating System

Thanks to the unique Alster Ergo-Cup® rating system, everybody no matter how old, man or woman, heavy or lightweight, can compete and the results will be documented online in an overall list.

In this ranking you will be assessed based on your recorded percentual deviation from the Concept2 world best times in your class (age, gender, weight). The faster and better you are, the smaller the difference. We then determine this percentual deviation for each individual distance. In order to obtain an overall result, we add up all the deviations on an equal basis. In sum, the smaller your deviation, the higher you will be ranked in the competitive list.

This means that a 55-year-old lightweight woman would theoretically have the same chances as a 28-year-old heavyweight man because she will be competing against significantly slower reference values. That is what makes the Ergo-Cup system so unique. The competion is not restricted to class, age or gender: Everyone rows against everyone else! It's a stunningly simple system! You can study the rules in detail here.

Dates & distances

2. Summer Erg-Series dates and time schudule

You may row anytime on weekends from Friday morning (0:01 a.m.) to Sunday evening (11:59 p.m.). It is important that you send us a selfie with a specified text according to the rules by the following Monday evening (11:59 p.m.).

All times refer to UTC!

All reference values that apply to each competitor for every section, on which basis you will be assessed, are listed here.

The use of the Rowing ergometer

Competitors may use any rowing model from any manufacturer on the market! The only prerequisite is that you must be able to log in a distance with different intervals and without pause. Also, all individual distances and their results have to be transmitted as specified in the rules under data transmission.

Because we will be comparing the Concept2 reference times for all participants which is the basis for the ranking (no matter which ergo you are using), we will document two seperate rankings: One cleancut Concept2 ranking specifically for participants rowing on Concept2 devices. And a second ranking where all results are listed regardless of the manufacturer. Therefore, each participant must indicate which rowing device has been in use.

Participation fee

You will receive the necessary payment information in your response e-mail after registration.

Jun. to Oct., 2021
participation fee from 5,50 EUR

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