Alster Ergo-Cup®


The competition: 5 out of 9

The renowned Alster Ergo Cup consists of nine races divided in five seperate blocks. You will receive points for every race you are taking part depending on your overall placement in that specific race.

However, we will be offering two seperate races in 4 of the 5 blocks. The race with the better result will be taken into account for the ranking. So yu may try twice to get a higher score-count. Winner is the competitor who collects the most points across all 5 blocks at the end of the series and wins the cup.

Participants do not have to compete in both races on the same block, one race is sufficient to collect points. But in order to win, you must compete at least once every block, preferably all disciplines.


Participants may catch up on their races as soon as the currently closed clubs and sports facilities reopen.


Regardless of whether you are male or female, young or old, light or heavyweight - the unique Alster Ergo-Cup® rating system asseses everyone on an equal basis in the overall rating. The trick is that your achievements will be pitted against your theoretical chances. In the end, everyone will be competing against each other, fair and square!

In order to do that, competitors will initially be alocated to one of the existing Concept2 categories based on age, gender and weight. For several years now Concept2 has recorded all world record times in each category and for all individual distances (500m, 1000m etc.). These official times will serve as your individual reference time.

Example evaluating the partial distance over 500 meters:

Competitor 1: female, lightweight, 45 years

C2 world record split 500m in this class = 1: 37.5 min
personal time 500m = 1: 58.2 min

Balanced result: competitor 1 is 21.23 % slower than the world record holder.

Competitor 2: male, heavyweight, 35 years
C2 world record split 500m in this class = 1: 10.5 min
personal time 500m = 1: 31.1 min

Balanced result: competitor 2 is 29.22% slower than the world record holder

Although competitor 2 record a much faster split, the deviation from his C2 reference time is still a great deal higher than that of competitor 1. This means that the younger male athletehas achieved a mediocre result, and eventhough the older female athlete was factually slower on the erg, she won because her deviation from the world record was much less.

Points system

The points you receive for each race depends on the total number of participants as well as your placement. The more participants take part, the better!

The winner will receive the maximum number of points, which will be calculated as follows:

Winner: 5 points + number of participants + 1

Runner up:5 points + number of participants – 1

every place after that will be less an additional point

3rd place: 5 points + number of participants – 2

Example with 7 participants:

1st place = 5 points + 7 participants + 1 point = 13 points

2nd place = 5 points + 7 participants - 1 point = 11 points

3rd place = 5 points + 7 participants - 2 points = 10 points

4th place = 5 points + 7 participants - 3 points = 9 points

5th place = 5 points + 7 participants - 4 points = 8 points

6th place = 5 points + 7 participants - 5 points = 7 points

7th place = 5 points + 7 participants - 6 points = 6 points

Venues or ONLINE

LIVE events:

Rowing Club Wandsbek e.V. (Ruderverein)
Alsterkrugchaussee 224
22297 Hamburg

as well as

Rowing Society HANSA e.V. (Ruder-Gesellschaft)
Schöne Aussicht 39
22085 Hamburg

Online events:
As all participants will be competing online, it is up to you where you physically finish all the races.

Weight categories

We divide competitors basically into two classes: light- and heavy-weight. The dividing line between light and heavy is 61.5 kilos for women and 75 kilos for men (including sports clothing).

Your weight category may vary from block to block during the competition. Your specific weight on the day of competion will apply to that specific race.

Age categories

Competitors will be divided into age groups based on the world ranking lists of Concept2. Decisive is the age at the time of the race:

The age categories will be:

12 and under

For the distance of 2,000m, the following age categories apply:


Ergometer manufacturer

For the offline event we will be offering modern Concept2 ergometers for all participants.

ONLINE: Each ergometer manufacturer is allowed. When you have registered for the Alster Ergo-Cup, you will have to specify your rowing ergometer at the start. Changing equipment during the tournament is not allowed.

Ergometer setting

Each participant can individually select his or her air flap setting (Concept2) or resistance settings on the ergometer for each individual race.

Display settings

The specified race distance will be entered in the display settings. Participants begin together and will complete the whole distance until their setting reaches zero.

Team and club-classification

In addition to the individual ranking system there will also be a club rating system. The best five individual results of your team or club within a single block will be included in the overall club rating.

Online fair play

Play Fair! Otherwise the entire ranking will be pointless. Please stick to the following rules:

  • Please enter all data correctly for your classification as well as the correct parameters (such as gender, age, weight class) determining overall results and rankings.
  • Please be absolutely honest when entering your race results. In order to avoid errors, the 500m split is automatically calculated whenthe d ata is submitted. If it does not correspond with the data on your selfie, please correct your entry.
  • We randomly check whether the results match those on your readable (!) Selfies. Should these deviate, we will ask for explanation and in case of willful fraud we will exclude that participant from the competition series immediately.

Thank you, we appreciate your cooperation.

And the Winner is ...

Being part of it is the main reason for competing. That is why basically everyone is considered a winner and in the end each competitor will receive an individual medal* for successfully taking part even those who do not finisch all blocks.

The participant with the highest overall score from all 5 blocks will take first place in the individual ranking.

The team or club with the 5 highest race results from all 5 blocks wins the team and club-classification.

*(offline only)

Participation fee

The one-off fee is 35,- EUR and entitles you to participate in the Alster Ergo-Cup.

Nov. '21 to Feb. '22
participation fee:
in Hamburg 50,- EUR
inline from 35,- EUR

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(Foto: Fabian Rennack)

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